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02 February 2020

Exploring Luxury in Hotel Industry

This is not an article to put together the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of what defines luxury in Hotel Industry. However, we do aim to put down ‘luxury’ through the eyes of the customers. Tourism authorities declare standards for hotels with Five Star and Four-Star Ratings, but the term luxury goes beyond these standards. It is a promise that the hotel gives to its guests that they will be taken care of and they will be delivered service meeting their expectations and going beyond.
The term luxury starts from the very start of a hotel booking. An easy booking portal where the guest can make the booking smoothly is the start point; and then we come to the check in process. When you have invested in the hotel room, you do not want the guest to face issues in checking in, waiting for his or her turn in the lobby and spending time on paperwork. Leading brands like Samsotech make passport and ID scanning smooth and efficient at the hotel reception and guest is led to enjoy his stay at the hotel, delighting him with a faster turnaround time at the desk. Many hotels have loyalty programs or guest management software to keep track of their guests and make their stay a dream by helping the team know their needs and wants in advance.
For a guest, luxury may also comprise getting the room that one wants with a certain view from the window or balcony or near. This can be another tricky aspect again, especially if a hotel is brimming with business. However, a good team at hotel will always have the pulse of the guest and if they can’t please him in one aspect, they will try another. We can explore more of this with the in-room facilities in the upcoming blogs.
As they say, “Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement”

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