Our Story

Our Story

2016 Feb

The TEAM meets - Ideas & Sparks fly!

2016 Jun

Clover takes name and form

2016 Jun

Clover Trading and Contracting
paperwork signed, sealed & delivered

2016 Aug

Logo unveiled

2016 Oct

Website brings to life Clover's story

2016 Nov

Operations begin

2017 Jan

Agreement with Prologic First signed

2017 Apr

First contract win for Prologic First

2017 Jun

Operations move full steam
onward and forward

2017 Oct

Wins the first Acoustic project

2018 Apr

Agreement with Hospitality Solution Group signed

2018 Jul

Wins the first contract for Operating Supplies & Equipments project

2017 May

Prologic Support Desk established

2019 Aug

Clover logo refreshed

2019 Nov

Enters the Retail Technology business with Deki – Sure Solutions

2019 Dec

Wins the first Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment project

2020 Jan

Agreement with Samsotech signed

2020 Feb

Business Continuity Plan in effect
on account of COVID-19

2020 Jun

Work from Office resumes partially under guidance from Govt. of Qatar

2020 May

Launches Contactless solutions for Food & Beverage and Front Office in Hotels

2020 Aug

Website refreshed